Without prejudice to your right to withdraw from the contract (see standard withdrawal instructions, withdrawal form and Article 11 of the General Conditions of Sale), as well as the provisions in relation to the Legal Warranty of Conformity and the Conventional Warranty of the Manufacturer, Articles 12 and 13 of the General Conditions of Sale, you can replace any product purchased on www.yda.it within 14 days from the date of receipt.

To exchange your item, follow these simple steps:

1. contact Customer Service and let them know which item you would like to receive in exchange for the one you purchased; if the requested replacement item is available, Customer Service will set it aside for you, while waiting to receive the product you wish to have replaced and your complete exchange form;

2. fill out the exchange form, that you can download here;

3. put the product you wish to replace and the duly completed exchange form in the outer packaging in which you received your original item, or, if you prefer, in another box of comparable sturdiness; make sure that the primary packaging (YDA box) is the original box in which the product was delivered;

4. seal the package and affix the pre-printed and prepaid TNT label contained in the original package you received from us; if you are using the same box with which the original item was shipped, make sure that the TNT label completely covers the information relating to the original shipment;

5. contact TNT by phone at + 199 803 868 or via the site www.mytnt.it to schedule a pick-up date of the package you wish to return. If you have lost your TNT label, when you contact TNT to schedule your pick-up, request a new label and fill it out with the following information:
Recipient: OPTIMA MOLLITER s.r.l.
Via Breda 19, 21
62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)

Select on the new label the options 'Standard Service' and 'Invoice to be made out to Recipient' as payment terms, and list Code 2890864 as the recipient's courier code. The exchange shipment service by the courier recommended by us is prepaid and will allow receiving a refund if the returned product is stolen or lost during shipment to our warehouse. Make reference to the courier’s insurance conditions.
If you prefer, you can choose to use a courier other than TNT, but in this case shipping costs will be charged to you; we also suggest that you insure your package in order to be reimbursed in case of theft or loss.


If you wish to return the item to be exchanged from a country other than the one (listed in the order confirmation email) in which the original delivery took place, the product must be returned by using a courier of your choice and at your expense. The Product must be sent to the following address: Optima Molliter srl Via Breda 19, 21, 62012 Civitanova Marche (MC), without undue delay and, in any case, within 14 days from the day on which you informed us of your wish to exchange your item. The return deadline is met when you send your item back within the 14-day period. The direct return costs (including any Customs costs) shall be borne by you and the shipment itself will be your responsibility. In the case of products that by their nature cannot normally be returned by mail, please refer to the table below, divided by geographical area and weight range, for the maximum estimated return costs:

Remember that, in order to exchange the product you purchased, you must deliver it to TNT, following the procedure set forth above, or to the courier of your choice, within 14 days from the date on which we delivered the product you purchased and wish to exchange.
We remind you that an item can be exchanged only if the product you wish to receive is available in our stores and if your return is intact and includes all relevant accessories, labels and leaflets in its original packaging, along with a copy of the purchase invoice and the exchange form completed in its entirety.
Optima Molliter s.r.l. reserves the right to refuse exchange requests submitted more than 14 days from the delivery of the original item, or if they relate to products that are not in the same condition in which they were received by the customer; in this case, moreover, no refund will be made of the amount paid for the product initially purchased.
Where all the above conditions and requirements are met, we will:

- without undue delay and, in any case, within 3 working days from the moment we receive your parcel containing the product you wish to return to us, refund to you the amount you paid for the original product (minus any delivery costs incurred by you for the purchase of the product you intend to return and any other additional cost paid, as indicated in the order). Your refund will be credited to the same payment source you used to make the initial purchase. You will also receive an e-mail confirming that we have disbursed your refund;

- at the time we send the product your requested for exchange to the address indicated in the order confirmation e-mail, charge you the price of the new product (whether it is equal to or lower or higher than the price of the product initially purchased) and shipping costs, on the same means of payment used for the initial purchase. You will also receive an e-mail confirming that we have shipped your item;
Your data will be kept by our Company for the period of time necessary to ensure the correct handling of your request for assistance, without prejudice to the need for storage for a longer period in compliance with the applicable law, including any relevant accounting provisions.